A portfolio website for TCRodriguez LLC.

About This Project

I found myself needing a website that was niched and tailored down specifically to cater to "gigs": WordPress work, personal or business websites, setting up email and/or marketing systems.

In terms of the actual niche, the closest I've gotten to picking one is "indie" restaurants: restaurants owned and managed by people who use their establishments for their creative culinary expressions.

It's admittedly still quite basic. I relied heavily on a website mockup that was included in Kyle Prinsloo's awesome "Freelancing 80/20" bundle; however, I did so because I respected his teachings and wanted to make sure I hit all the fundamental points.

I'm planning a significant update to its design in the near future. I've had the pleasure of meeting a couple UX/UI designers that have provided me with several resources on learning how to build design systems.

Along with this website came me actually registering a business and incorporating it with the state. Business checking and credit accounts to boot.

The Tech Stack

This was the first project in which I worked with Nuxt and Tailwind. I was excited for the opportunity as I saw what Nuxt was capable of at my place of employment. One of the devs had thrown together a "developer docs" website using Nuxt and it was impressive how good it looked and felt to interact with. He mentioned that it was a project that he finished in hardly any time at all.

I'd say the Nuxt framework was one of the first open source projects I'd come across that really hooked me. Here was this framework, spearheaded by two visionary indiviuals, openly available to all with so much going for it and so much utility.

My concern, however, at the outset was that it did too much "magic" behind the scenes and that that would "stunt" my growth as a developer. Take the <nuxt-link> component for instance and how Nuxt dynamically combes through all of your links and handles them wonderfully. It obfuscates much of what vue router does and rids you of a lot of the manual work.

Tailwind was yet another "gift" from the pantheon of visionary developers. I read someone say on Twitter recently that it's because of projects like TailwindCSS that it's now more accessible than ever to be a full-stack developer.

Nuxt and Tailwind quickly became a favorite combination for me, and will take this duo everywhere where they are the right tools for the job.