A knowledge base app for fighting game training logs.

Screenshots coming soon...

About This Project

This was the progenitor project that opened my eyes up to software development as a medium for creative self-expression.

This came as I began playing Tekken 7 consistently along with a friend. We both dedicated ourselves to getting "gud", as is said in the fighting game community lingo. As I would go through my "training" sessions, I found myself wanting to keep track of everything so as to chart progress and zero in on specific things to work on: things like match ups, "footsies", combos off of counter hits, animation frame traps, etc. It's a lot of information and it's even harder to keep it all in mind so as to actually improve.

The actual workflow I'm planning for this app involves the use of actual local markdown files. This app is heavily inspired by my experience with Obsidian, a knowledge base app that functions as a "layer" over a local directory of markdown files. As a side note I was using Notion before, and was enjoying it but came across a Twitter comment saying that while they liked all the features Notion offered they didn't like that it was all "online" and nothing existed on their local machines. They cared about "forever proofing" their notes, and that's where they mentioned Obsidian. Once I made the switch I hadn't looked back, and so I wanted to apply the same longevity to "fighting game notes".

Tech Stack

So, I began a "markdown system" of what I'm planning for this app to be. One key feature in Obsidian is the ability to link notes together and so I began writing notes and connecting them in a way that simulated how I foresaw the app to handling them:

  • Game note -> Character Note -> character-specific note

In this general order. There can also be miscellaneous game notes. And so I began taking a bunch of notes. My chosen character at the time was Armor King. So I played match after match and did my best to always take something from each match, creating notes and linking them in any way possible to create connections and thus glean a higher level of insight from them.

While my go to would be Laravel for the API, I've been hearing a lot about AdonisJS as the "Laravel for JavaScript", which sounded intruiguing. Now, I want to expose myself and experience anything and everything software development-wise; however, I know that if you choose to go with a new framework and even a new language you're adding to the time it will take to complete the project.

I don't want to let that stop me, though. TypeScript is also a language I've been learning on and off and would enjoy the opportunity to dive into it deeper. Admittedly, I'm undecided, though I'm leaning towards taking this opportunity to use some new tools.

That all being said, I'm still going to go with Ionic Vue as the frontend framework as it will allow me to build this out as a mobile app first, and it may just stay a mobile app for a while. From personal experience, it's easiest to keep your phone on or by you and open it up real quick in order to jot down a note from your training session in whichever fighting game you're playing.